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About Us

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Life isn't about having a destination.

It's about the path you choose to take. 

Cariboo Road was founded in 2020 by David Weedmark and two close friends with one aim in mind: To provide a collection of quality goods and services for people who choose to live their lives rooted in authenticity, creativity and adventure. 

These words mean different things to different people. Some thrive on travel, exploring the world and different cultures, meeting new friends. Some prefer to stay at home to explore the world of their imagination, engaging their creativity.  Some would rather live in the city, sharing and helping others, while others are more at home near the ocean, on a farm, or in the solitude of a forest. 

Regardless of where you are, or what you do, if you believe

that life is meant to be lived on your own terms,

that everyone has something to offer in this world, and

that kindness is the most important virtue,

then we hope you will find something of value here and that you enjoy your time exploring Cariboo Road. 

David Weedmark, Founder